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that is frickin animated rain what the hell

this is miyazaki rain, which means that every frame was hand-drawn

This is art,

I needed this.
"Everyone’s looking for their own personal “high.” But, we weren’t meant to fly at all times." written by Grace Helbig

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Double Exposure III ➾ Luke Gram
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Read poetry every day of your life. Poetry is good because it flexes muscles you don’t use often enough. Poetry expands the senses and keeps them in prime condition. It keeps you aware of your nose, your eye, your ear, your tongue, your hand. And, above all, poetry is compacted metaphor or simile. Such metaphors, like Japanese paper flowers, may expand outward into gigantic shapes. Ideas lie everywhere through the poetry books, yet how rarely have I heard short story teachers recommending them for browsing.

What poetry? Any poetry that makes your hair stand up along your arms. Don’t force yourself too hard. Take it easy. Over the years you may catch up to, move even with, and pass T. S. Eliot on your way to other pastures. You say you don’t understand Dylan Thomas? Yes, but your ganglion does, and your secret wits, and all your unborn children. Read him, as you can read a horse with your eyes, set free and charging over an endless green meadow on a windy day.

" written by Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing  (via

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Yesterday I took off from the lower 48 to explore Alaska and Hawaii for 2 weeks to wrap shooting for my 50 state documentary, #WhyWeRescue with @reallykindofamaing! So pumped! Sadly my sidekick, Maddie the Coonhound, had to stay behind in Seattle at the Ballard Homestead😭 I miss her already

It’s crazy to think but this is my second year in a row visiting all 50 states, driving some 60,000 miles this year. I feel so blessed I’ve had the opportunity see so much of America, it’s pretty out here y’all!